Corporate Vending Solutions

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Corporate Vending Solutions, Remote Monitoring, Inventory Control & Management Tools & Micro Market Retailing Solutions

Our innovative vending systems offer you cost effective corporate vending solutions whether it means retailing drink, snack and food items or dispensing of consumable goods such as PPE or safety articles, first-aid items, toiletries goods, stationary articles, bar/ liquor products, tools or spare parts etc.

Vendpro offers you cost effective corporate vending solutions to your inventory and compliance management challenges. You get improved real time monitoring capability with our remote monitoring vending system, which allows better control and easier compliance whether your aim is to reduce costs, manage usage of consumable goods or to achieve Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) objectives.

We provide a range of cashless payment inventory control/ management solutions to suit every need and budget e.g.:

  • Stand-alone meaning there is no traceability of usage such as when vending in the catering and hospitality environment.
  • Integrated to a variety of facilities management systems which implies there is full issue record/ traceability of consumable products issued e.g. with the controlled issuing of PPE in safety station vending machines, stationary, bar/ liquor etc.
  • Self-checkout micro market vending and retailing as applied to micro retailing opportunities e.g. in offering advanced vending functionality in corporate crib/ break/ lunch room applications etc.

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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Cashless Payment Options

Corporate cashless payment systems can be incorporated as required e.g. by means of staff identity card readers, fobs etc. and with unlimited account based web-loading, pre-loaded value cards or credit/ debit card cashless systems to alleviate the need for cash and coins for on-the-spot purchases. Our solutions work with most cards technologies such as Mifare™, DESfire™, magnetic card strip etc.

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Corporate Lunch & Crib Room Vending & Micro Market Solutions

What is a micro market vending solution?
It is a self-service store reduced in size and placed in your business. The attraction of a micro market lies in its ability to be customised to suit your specific needs as an operator or a customer. As no site location or customer is the same, each market can and should be different and that is why we customise a solution to match your unique location and need.

What benefits do a micro market vending solution offer me as an operator?
Operators testify to an exponential increase in revenue from that achieved from traditional vending methods. Some operators in the field report an increase of up to four times of what was earned from traditional vending machines on similar sites.

What benefits do a micro market vending solution offer me as a site owner/ customer?
Micro markets offer heaps of benefits for the site owner e.g.: professional looking lunch/ crib room, a broader range of products including wellness/ healthier snack and food options, increased staff satisfaction, less employee absenteeism, energy savings, etc.

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Micro Market

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